Rudder Selection
To select the correct AQ-22 Rudder, an estimate of the maximum operating speed and displacement of the boat must be determined. If the displacement cannot be determined, boat length parameters for selecting the appropriate rudder are available in attached charts.

The speed at which a boat is typically driven will impact the choice of rudder size. Generally, the heavier and slower the boat, the larger the rudder required. Although these ruuders have been designed to handle 40 knots, selecting a rudder which is too large will restrict the boat from achieving full speed, and one too small will lead to steering difficulties.

In selecting the length of the rudder stock, consideration must be given to mounting the steering system quadrant or arm at the correct height, leaving some room for the installation of emergency steering equipment. If a specific length is required, it must be stated when ordering the rudder. Otherwise, the length noted in the catalog will be supplied.

The charts attached have been formulated to assist in making the appropriate selection for one, two, or three rudder options. In the event the requirements of a particular boat are outside the parameters of the stock design AQ-22 Rudders, please contact the manufacturer for more information.

*Stock length (L) to be determined by customer. Roman numerals indicate recommended rudder model; dashed lines indicate approximate boat length. Rudder torque has been increased 25% to allow for bearing friction. Rudder torque is included so that the force required at the tiller arm may be estimated.

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Item #

Dimension A

Dimension B

Dimension C

Dimension D

Dimension E

Stock Wt. Per Ft.

Rudder Wt. Less Stock

Estimated* Rudder Torque 40 Knots

70RMODEL1 N/A 1.25 in N/A 15 in N/A 13.5 in N/A 6.69 in N/A 9.81 in N/A 4.17 lb/ft N/A 19 lb N/A 4400 in/lb
70RMODEL2 N/A 1.5 in N/A 18 in N/A 16.5 in N/A 8.25 in N/A 12 in N/A 6.01 lb/ft N/A 30 lb N/A 8100 in/lb
70RMODEL3 N/A 1.75 in N/A 21 in N/A 19 in N/A 9.38 in N/A 13.38 in N/A 8.18 lb/ft N/A 47 lb N/A 12,200 in/lb
70RMODEL4 N/A 2.25 in N/A 24 in N/A 23.38 in N/A 11.63 in N/A 17 in N/A 13.52 lb/ft N/A 82 lb N/A 22,300 in/lb
70RMODEL5 N/A 2.75 in N/A 30 in N/A 27 in N/A 13.38 in N/A 19.5 in N/A 20.19 lb/ft N/A 125 lb N/A 34,300 in/lb
70RMODEL6 N/A 4 in N/A 34 in N/A 31 in N/A 15.38 in N/A 22.38 in N/A 42.71 lb/ft N/A 200 lb N/A 52,200 in/lb
70RMODEL7 N/A 4.5 in N/A 38 in N/A 34.5 in N/A 17 in N/A 25 in N/A 54.05 lb/ft N/A 275 lb N/A 71,900 in/lb
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